Pierre Nkurunziza, in power since 2005, is said to have died yesterday Monday, officially died of “cardiac arrest,” announced the government, which has decreed a national mourning for 7 days.

“The government of the Republic of Burundi announces with great sadness the Burundians and the international Community of the sudden death of his Excellency Pierre Nkurunziza, President of the Republic of Burundi, which occurred at the hospital of the fiftieth Anniversary of Karuzi, following a cardiac arrest,” says the press release.


All would have started in the night from Saturday to Sunday, the head of the State ” has felt a malaise and quickly made his way to the hospital of Karuzi for treatment “. then continues to the official press release, “his state of health has improved,” on Sunday, he has been the victim of a cardiac arrest on Monday morning. “Immediate resuscitation was undertaken by a multidisciplinary team of doctors for several hours with a assistance of cardio-respiratory,” says the government of burundi. But ” the medical team was not able to retrieve the patient “.

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President of Burundi by “divine will”

Pierre Nkurunziza was born on 18 December 1964 into a wealthy family. In 1972, his father, a member of parliament, is killed in massacres, inter-ethnic decimate the elite hutu. “Nkurunziza, as most of the leaders of the rebellion of the FDD” formed at the beginning of the long civil war (1993-2006), “is an orphan of 1972,” said a senior official. Out of high school, he wants to become an officer or economist : impossible, due to the restrictions against the Hutus established by the tutsi power of then. In 1991, he became finally professor of physical education.

He joined the rebellion in 1995. Severely injured, he survived four months in the swamps. To date his conversion to evangelism, because God, he said, appeared to him to announce to him that he would one day Burundi. “Nkurunziza, in fact, believes that he is the president of the Republic by the will of god” and “organizes all of its life and its governance” as a result, confirms his spokesperson. Each year, large “crusades of prayer,” the president and his wife, pastor, evangelist, preach to the people and high-ranking officials of the country.

Alexis Sinduhije, an opponent in exile, does not believe in the piety displayed : “poverty has increased, violations of human rights are the rule, and corruption has become widespread since that Nkurunziza is in power. “Criticized by the opposition that judge a third mandate to be unconstitutional, the president is now challenged even in the ranks of his party, the Cndd-FDD, which has designated the presidential candidate at the end of April. Some 130 executives of the party have publicly opposed a third term. All have lost their positions, some appearing in prison, other choosing hiding since in fear for their lives. “In its out-of-kind […], he is a man of ruthless,” says a former close to the president.

Whatever happens, Pierre Nkurunziza remained in power until the end. The irony of history, his candidate and friend, Evariste Ndayishimiye, was proclaimed on the 25th of may winner of the presidential election of 20 may, a result that is immediately qualified as “electoral masquerade” by the party of his main rival Agathon Rwasa. Pierre Nkurunziza was to pass the power to the newly elected president in the month of August.

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