in the Face of what they consider to be restrictions much too restrictive, airlines British Airways, easyJet and Ryanair have announced, Friday, 12 June, have launched a legal action against the british government. Purpose : waives the quarantine imposed on travellers arriving in the United Kingdom.

They believe in a joint press release that the quarantine in place since Monday for at least three weeks ” will have a devastating effect on the british tourism and the economy, and will destroy thousands of jobs.” The companies have requested that the case be heard by the justice as soon as possible. According to them, the quarantine is much too restrictive, is not based on any consultation or scientific evidence. They emphasize that the measurement of the exemptions as for the French and the Germans who come each week in the country, and is aimed at travelers arriving from countries where rates of infection with the novel coronavirus are lower than those of the United Kingdom.

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A fine of 1 122 euros for offenders

The british government has hinted that it may establish air bridges to certain countries so as not to jeopardize the restart of tourism as expected by the airline industry. But the three companies are sceptical about this device and ask the government to re-instate the quarantine instituted on 10 march, which was valid only for travellers coming from high risk countries.

Facing a shutdown of their activity for many weeks, the airline industry has forecast a return to very progressive of flights this summer, but those plans are disrupted by the quarantine. The latter, of a duration of 14 days, will be re-assessed every three weeks and applies to all arrivals by land, sea and air, travellers are resident or not in the United Kingdom. Random checks will be put in place and violators will be subject to a fine of 1,000 pounds (1 122 euros). Exceptions are provided for road transport operators, health personnel, the gatherer of fruit or travelers from Ireland.

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