The problems of Boeing model 737 MAX growing demands. On the one hand, as reported by The New York Times, the company has found new risks to the security of these aircraft that are still immobilized after two fatal accidents that caused 376 deaths.

These tragedies in Ethiopia and Indonesia were produced by a software that it functioned poorly and that caused the plane to crash dive if the pilot did not react in time. Boeing had already figured out where is the problem and ensures that what has been corrected. But in addition, at the behest of the us authorities, is carrying out a thorough investigation to find any additional crash according to some new standards that include a reaction slower and less effective of the crew. And in that process he has found that there are two bundles of cables located in the queue that are very close.

Now, the company is examining whether the wiring runs some risk of generating a short circuit which would complicate the steering of the apparatus. Company sources have acknowledged that the occurrence of the electrical fault could even cause the plane estrellase if the pilot does not know recognize the problem and respond appropriately. The manufacturer must also examine whether that same vulnerability of the cables is also present in the models 737 NG, the predecessor of the MAX, of which there are 6.800 units in service.


The suspension of the 737 MAX aircraft from Boeing shakes up the airline sector and lastrarĂ¡ the economy of USA Airbus beats Boeing as a major aircraft manufacturer in the world Airbus shines in the most critical moment of Boeing Boeing will discontinue production of the 737 MAX, was involved in two fatal accidents

however, the company has stated that, if necessary any agreement, these modifications in the wiring are relatively easy to do in a couple of hours by plane.

The engines of the MAX have also been subjected to great scrutiny. The manufacturers of the engines, the companies General Electric and Safran, already reported to the authorities that there was a weakness in one of the rotors that could cause this break. However, regulators have considered that it is a very remote possibility. Yes, have asked airlines to inspect all engines before putting them back into operation.

Boeing also had detected before a problem with the plane that made them vulnerable to a lightning strike. To try to make the engine fit better in the airplane, the factory withdrew without realizing a layer that protects it from the download.

The american Federal Aviation Administration has stated that it will ensure that all safety risks identified will be fixed before they will approve the return to service.

According to The New York Times, the european regulators will go to Seattle this week to test the new software in a simulator, which shows that the array is ready to be evaluated. Us airlines expect to be able to re-use the MAX between April and June.

on the other hand, according to has published this Monday, The Wall Street Journal, the company is considering raising its debt, to delay investments, freeze purchases and cut spending on research. All to be able to be funded after the immobilization of the 737 MAX.

The MAX is the main airplane of Boeing. There are 5,000 orders of airlines. And the manufacturer has announced that it is temporarily closing the facilities that produce it. Last month, the board fired the ceo, Dennis Muilenburg, to be incapable of addressing a crisis that already has cost 9,000 million dollars to the company. He has been replaced on an interim basis the ex-director finance Greg Smith. Next week will occupy the position that was non-executive chairman, David Calhoun.