At the time of listing marks, including the logo is iconic, laughing Cow occupies without any doubt a special place. Since 1921, and its introduction by Léon Bel, it is a cow hilarious which represents the small melted cheese. But, a year before its centennial celebration, the company has chosen to revisit its logo, explains The Echoes. If the famous red cow is always at the rendezvous, the whole is now more refined to provide a visual universal at the global level.

It was thirty-five years that the laughing Cow was not affected by its appearance. The new visual, which is being progressively deployed in the shelves of supermarkets, it promises a soft revolution. Thus, the new brand identity, designed by the agency Team Creative, keeps the famous cow of red colour and her earrings. In contrast, the triangle in which it appears and disappears, just like the pasture, replaced by a white background, meant to evoke the universe of milk. Blades of grass and daisies, placed on the sides, make reference to nature.

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Align the brand

Why change the visual of the laughing Cow ? The objective would be to give the brand an identity that is unified. If the product of the Bel group is present in 130 countries, he knew from slight variations in packaging from one country to the other. “The mark was to assert its visibility and iconic character as well where it is known from long date, as in France or in the Maghreb, in areas of conquest such as North America. It increases his striking force “, points out Benoit of Lavarène, managing director of Team Creative, to the Echoes.

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note that the laughing Cow does not abandon completely its local specificities. Thus, French consumers will still be able to read that it is manufactured in the Jura since 1921. In the United States, for which the French department is not necessarily very evocative, it is the claim “made with real cheese” (made with real cheese), which will then be put forward.