Uli Hoeness describes one of his most emotional moments with Bastian Schweinsteiger. This occurred just in time, as the Ex-FCB-President was in jail.

Uli Hoeness* was until last year President of the FC Bayern* Now derEx-FCB-maker talks about his most emotional Moment with Bastian Schweinsteiger* This occurred at the same time, as a surprise in jail

Munich soccer world Yes, despite all the Attempts and enterprises still a cosmos that is dominated by men. Therefore, it is little wonder, then, that there is still the good old men-friendships .

This is usually, if you met over the years on a daily basis and therefore more time to spend together, as the partners are suitable. Or simply enjoy a particularly emotional moments. A mixture of both is likely to be the reason why there are between Uli Hoeneß: and Bastian Schweinsteiger such a deep bond.

FC Bayern: Uli Hoeness about a special Moment with Bastian Schweinsteiger – “That was, phew …”

Not only that FCB Patron Hoeneß: saw the boy Schweinsteiger grow up and over the one or the other little escapade hinwegsah. Together, they also experienced the Trauma from the “final dahaom” in 2012 against Chelsea. And together, they celebrated the Triumph over the BVB to Wembley a year later. In addition, Schweinsteiger and surprise side-by-side countless Championships and Cup victories* won.

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Champions League winner 2013 – clearly one of the most emotional moments of my career! To indescribable day for me, the former team, fans and for @Bayern memorabilia #MiaSanMia Champions League winner 2013 – clearly one of the most emotional moments of my career! An indescribable day for me, the former Team, the Fans and the @Bayern memorabilia #MiaSanMia

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Clearly, something welded together. Usually the one on the course ( Schweinsteiger ) and the other on the grandstand ( Hoeneß: ) was. But the most emotional Moment between the two occurred, according to the statements of the former President of the FC Bayern , under entirely different circumstances.

FC Bayern Munich: Hoeness experienced emotional Schweinsteiger-the Moment when he rode in the prison

sits the DFB-Elf in 2014, in Rio in the Maracana the world Cup final sat Hoeneß: in jail . The FCB-maker, serving his time his prison sentence for tax evasion at Landsberg. the Schweinsteiger made, however, to this day, immortal. Everyone still has the image in front of eyes, with a Cut-drawn and completely exhausted Schweinsteiger saved in the last minutes of the world Cup Finals, the apprentice 1:0 by the goal of Mario Götze to the target, and then the world Cup trophy into the sky.

+ Bastian Schweinsteiger in the world Cup final 2014.©dpa / Chema Moya

the Then- FCB-Star in a TV Interview addressed thanks to the end of words calculated to Uli Hoeneß: what’s haute this at the time, almost of the Seats. “Because it has carved me from the bed to get out because it’s one of my most impressive experiences was that I’ve ever had,” says Hoeneß: in the Film Schw31ns7eiger: Memories – from the beginning to legend, the 5. June will be shown on Amazon Prime.

“Come in this Moment on this idea, it was more wow, incredible,” says the now 68-Year-old. Meanwhile Schweinsteiger has ended his active career after more than 500 games for the FC Bayern* in the past year and lives with his wife, the tennis player Ana Ivanovic, in Chicago. Both were recently on the birth of her second child. Also: Philipp Lahm surprised everyone with an Instagram photo. And Can look forward to the FCB probably a “Finale dahoam” in 2020?


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Bastian Schweinsteiger has already thought of a return to the business of football, and his wife brings him as a coach to the game.

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