The dealer at the ZDF-junk show have it in for these old folding chair and offered an incredibly high price. What is on the chair.

“Bares für Rares”* the traders haggling over an old flea market chair . The seller paid at the time, only seven Euro for the folding chair . But the old chair has a special feature that drives its price solid in the height.

ZDF-show “Bares für Rares”: old flea market chair at a cost of just seven Euro

An old, klapperiger chair in the ZDF-junk show “Bares für Rares”* for a little Sensation taken care of . As for his folding chair, the 62-year-old Dirk Schuster from Elmshorn had brought, got the seller to finally, the 103 times the price of what he had paid for it once.

The chair from the flea market have cost only seven Euro , said the 62-Year-old presenter Horst Lichter in the ZDF-show. However, the flea market piece turns out quickly as a small rarity. Because of this folding chair has a special Detail: a motif of the old cigarettes brand Poi can be seen on the Backrest to.

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“Bares für Rares”dealer haggling over a chair from the flea market – incredible price –

“That was a display ,” said expert Detlev cumin in the show. The chair was intended as an eye catcher. And not to Sit. He probably comes from the art Nouveau period .

how Much gets Dirk Schuster for that? The seller would like to have 200 to 300 euros, while “Bares für Rares”-expert Detlev cumin estimated that the chair 200 to 250 euros.

will have the surprising turn: The dealer it on the old folding chair – apart and generally delivered right bidder battle, at the art dealers, Walter Lehnertz first of all, 80 Euro was launched, and Christian Vechtel and Markus Wildhagen after each other outbid. the Fabian Kahl a rose finally, with 700 Euro. At the end of Markus bot wild Hagen for the bargain even proud 720 Euro .

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