Köln (dpa) – European safety authorities have for flight operations in Corona, times-free places in between, passengers are recommended to the plane.

be left As – whenever possible – to individual seats or entire rows between the occupied sites, to be able to the necessary safety distance of 1.5 meters, at least approximately ensure, writes the European aviation safety Agency (EASA), together with the European centre for disease prevention and control (ECDC) in a Handbook for airlines. Where this is not due to the utilisation of the aircraft is possible, should be taken other measures.

So the authorities recommend that both the on-Board staff and passengers, protection to wear masks and wash your hands regularly to avoid the risk of infection with the Coronavirus. Should say goodbye to travelers of companions outside of the terminal.

The report is created at the request of the EU Commission, which wants to boost with a corresponding Hygiene-concept of tourism within Europe carefully.

recommendations from EASA and ECDC