Wirecard is living its last days ? The German society for online payments, at the heart of a financial scandal, is on the verge of being dismantled, “many investors” squinting at ” some of its operations “, according to the judicial administrator. These investors come from ” around the world “, he added in a press release issued on the night of Tuesday 30 June to Wednesday 1 July. The american subsidiary Wirecard North America has already announced Tuesday, to be looking for a buyer external.

investors have expressed their interest for the elements of the “core business” or to subsidiaries of the company to 6 000 employees who filed for bankruptcy last week after it acknowledged that some of its accounts were fictitious. A financial scandal without precedent in Germany. A committee that includes the creditors of Wirecard gave on Tuesday evening the green light to a process of selling apartments to the international, with the support of the banks business.

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After falling about 99 % of the company’s Stock price, dropping to about 1 euro last Friday, the price of Wirecard, one of the most famous fintech european, is ascended from the start of the week about 6 euros, speculators are betting precisely on sales by apartment company listed on the Dax. Wirecard has indicated to continue its activities, despite its bankruptcy filing. Its main leaders were thanked.

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