The batteries seem to definitely be a sensitive subject for Apple. In march, apple has agreed to pay up to $ 500 million in fines. The company was then accused of having slowed down the iPhone to compensate for the ageing of their batteries. A new problematic point, relayed by 20 Minutes, this time directly to the autonomy of its phones. More users would have complained of problems after the installation of the version 13.5 of iOS.

in Mid-may, the firm of Cupertino would deploy this update that contained a major change : the API Exposure Notification. Deployed in partnership with Google, this technology aims to enable the tracing of contacts between two devices with Bluetooth. A solution designed by Silicon Valley to limit the spread of the coronavirus, which is therefore in competition with the system StopCovid, deployed in France. In theory, the two giants have been specifically designed so as not to drain in an exaggerated way the battery of the devices. But, for Apple devices, this would not be the case. The testimonies are multiplying to report equipment left in charge all night and showing 20 % battery in the alarm clock or even a collapse of the autonomy in the day.

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The problem of applications in the background

Apple has subsequently deployed a new update, the 13.5.1. But it was not enough to solve the problem. Of the Apple customers report as well as the Bluetooth device would be permanently smartphones with which to pair. In addition, several applications have been reported as operating perpetually in the background. A behavior that weighs significantly on the battery.

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To find out if you are concerned, the specialized site ZDNet book several tracks. You can check the settings by going to Settings > Battery, or even Show activity. By the way, if your smartphone is hot then it is not running, this may also be an indicator that your device suffers from this problem. In the short term, it is possible to manually adjust the concern by turning off self-updating applications in the background (Settings > General > Refresh in background). Apple is also working on iOS 13.6, which could fix the situation.

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