20.7 per cent of all German citizens without a Job had come in the past year without any government assistance to make ends meet. The response of the Federal Agency for work on a Left-request is present in the “New Osnabrücker Zeitung” (NOZ).

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Almost 171.000 persons of any aid received after the loss of job Saving is always clever!

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In the section were registered in the past year, 170.979 so-called Non-beneficiaries. Including 96.416 unemployed men and 74.563 women were without a Job.

benefits of unemployment insurance, based on average 655.980 people. This support is referred to as the unemployment compensation – Employees purchase of your monthly payments in the unemployment insurance system a claim on the payments.

Not entitled to unemployment benefit I persons who were employed in the 30 months prior to the job loss, no twelve months subject to compulsory insurance have. This group of people receives a Hartz IV , as the unemployment benefit II is also known.

content check: The gross-to-net calculator 2020 remains So much net them by the gross

job-seekers Hartz IV but then even if – for example due to the partner income no vulnerability is found. Nevertheless, you will be supervised by the employment agencies.

number of “non-beneficiary” over the years, Corona has dropped to a-crisis Trend

in 2010, it applies the brakes had not been well of 280,000 unemployed benefit recipients. Since then, it became steadily less. “In the Wake of the Corona-crisis, the number of people Affected, who have no claim to unemployment benefit on Hartz IV, but again have risen and continue to rise are likely,” warned the Left-the Deputy and social expert Sabine Zimmermann in conversation with the “NOZ”.

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Zimmermann criticized: “It cannot be that so many people fall through the cracks and by the Federal government be left in the lurch, although these figures mainly to contributions to the unemployment insurance and taxes.” The Left-politician called for to facilitate access to unemployment benefits. Specifically, the claim must be granted from four months of contribution period. “And for older unemployed and people with disabilities, the claim for duration must be extended in principle.”

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  • The references to the unemployment benefit to unemployment benefit: the rates are scheduled to increase – a group particularly benefits

1. January 2021 to rise. Single adults are now € 439 per month, or seven euros more than in the past. Particularly strong is the rule set for children is expected to rise from 14 to 17 years of age, namely, 39 to 367 euros. Also, for up to 5-year-old children, there should be a significant premium.

  • the Poorest have nothing from the children’s money: a Million families money comes in

a majority of the Hartz-IV-families and children is not money-apparently not. In the year 2019 were it affected more than one Million families entitled to social welfare benefits. Criticism comes from the left party. The DGB calls for, however, a child’s basic security.

  • US debt at a record pace – and stash the money instead of using it

Almost $ 900 billion it has loaned the U.S. government in June. In the whole of the previous year, it was at this time less. Are the funds actually in order to help companies through the Corona-crisis, but much of the money around is so far unused.

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