attention! Jams callback at Aldi – it is a serious health risk when consumed. Also Katwarn sounds the Alarm.

Aldi* sets a jams-product recall*. It cannot be excluded that the affected spread and contains the dangerous shards of glass. From a consumption ought to be aside, according to the Discounter.

food Of discounters Aldi * has issued a recall* for the blueberry jam “Tamara” . In the sweet spread can possibly be shards of glass contain. “The article referred to the date of minimum durability should not be consumed, therefore, as a precautionary measure”, according to Aldi*.

Aldi-recall: caution! Internal bleeding is possible

shards of glass can serious injury in the mouth and throat lead. Also can be triggered by the consumption of internal bleeding. the consumer should match, therefore, urgently your product with the affected Batch from the Discounter Aldi Nord*. The Portal product alert Also Katwarn out a corresponding warning.

buyer of the concerned, “Tamara” blueberry jam exclude can to give back to their sweet Breakfast spread at Aldi-Nord and get back your money.

jams-callback-Aldi: The jam with this expiration date should not be consumed

In the affected Batch, it is the “Tamara blueberry extra jam 370 grams” with the date of minimum durability 17.09.21 from the supplier, W. L. Ahrens GmbH & co. KG. Other products of the supplier or “Tamara” blueberry jams with other durability data were not affected, it says on the product

consumer Affairs has established the W. L. Ahrens GmbH & co. KG in addition, a customer service . Telephone: 0151 16171039 or via Mail to

callbacks: danger of currently exists also in the case of “Jelly Cups” from Taiwan

Currently, there is a danger also in the case of “Jelly Cups” of the Taiwanese company ABC. The Federal office of consumer protection warns of choking hazard – there are eight varieties are affected and recalled. Danger to babies if a Baby-food producer. Some batches could contain bacteria, the skin, among other things, inflammation of the brain or blood poisoning may result. The product is being recalled.

disease instead of relief could also bring up to date a drug company Hexal . Due to the risk of a harmful Overdose of the medicines for a thyroid disorder is to lock “immediately from the sale”.

the medicines company Pure Pharma has called back a few days ago, 235 batches of their medicines, because the information slips in the accessory kit does not comply with regulations.

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