The British economy suffers as a consequence of measures to contain the Coronavirus pandemic, an unprecedented shock. It is feared that this week introduced a mandatory Quarantine for travelers could make the Situation worse.

London (Reuters) – airlines are British Airways, Ryanair and Easyjet have filed a lawsuit against the British government imposed a mandatory Quarantine for travelers.

The measure will have “a devastating impact on the British tourism and the further the economy and thousands of jobs destroyed,” it said in a message to the Airlines by Friday. A standard control procedure to be applied for and should as soon as possible.

Yet there is also no indication as to when and how the government placed on the special rules for certain holiday countries could be implemented, shared with the Airlines. By so-called “air bridges” could travellers to Greece, Portugal or other countries on their return from the Quarantine exempted, it was speculated.

Immigrants to the UK have to leave since this week on the border, your address and contact information, and two weeks in quarantine to go. Who is not adhering to the 14-day requirement to self-isolation, you must expect a high fine.

The quarantine is mandatory for all travelers, regardless of their citizenship. Except for only a few occupational groups such as truck drivers, medical staff and harvest workers as well as travelers from Ireland, the Isle of Man and the channel Islands. At the earliest the end of June the scheme will be reviewed.

interior Minister Priti Patel, should be prevented by the measure that there is in the UK, a second wave of Coronavirus infection through imported cases. However, critics doubt whether it is really suitable. Even within the conservative party in government is a controversial issue. The UK, with more than 41 000 deaths in the case of demonstrably Infected with one of the most difficult of the Coronavirus pandemic-affected countries in Europe.

The corona-crisis has put the UK economy in addition, a considerable shock. It is feared that the mandatory Quarantine could exacerbate the economic consequences of further. As the statistics office ONS said on Friday, it experienced a decline in gross domestic product in the UK in April by around 20 percent compared to the previous month. It is the largest drop month-to-month ever recorded, and he is three Times as large as in the case of the financial and economic crisis of 2008/09. Compared to February, the British gross domestic product was in April of even a quarter smaller. The production collapsed in all areas.

London Heathrow airport has announced on Thursday the elimination of jobs. How many of the approximately 7000 Jobs will be eliminated, not shared with the company. Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye told the financial newspaper “City A. M.”, however, already at the beginning of the week, one of the necessary points could relate to reduction in a third of all employees. The same proportion of job losses, he feared the worst if the total number of 76 000 workers employed by different companies in Heathrow.

passenger numbers at Heathrow last month because of the Coronavirus pandemic, compared to the prior-year period by 97 percent. The Cargo in the air cargo sector declined by 40 percent, although the number of pure cargo increased flights. A large proportion of air freight is however carried in passenger aircraft. It is feared that the number will not recover as long as the mandatory Quarantine remains in force.