95 leaders, two days and 300,000 crowns.

What are the ingredients in a seminar of Esbjerg and the Municipality of Borger & the Labour market, which took place just 14 days after the municipality began to summon employees to interview about the proposed dismissal, and at the same time with that byrådspolitikere struggling to meet the massive cost savings in the political committee.

the Seminar was held on Thursday-Friday at Legoland Hotel & Conference, writes JydskeVestkysten.

The two days was filled to the brim with meals, presentations from various experts and a single concert, inform the director of the Citizen & Labour, Lise Plougmann Willer, to the media.

“the Purpose of the seminar is to bring together administration leaders after the merger with the Family & Prevention,” she says and continues:

“We are working with a merger and the new holistic effort, as it is so important that we become skilled at. The assumption is that we know each other and work in the same direction.”

In all the years the price for hotel, food, and more up in the 206.150 Celtabet crowns, while the presenters together got 94.350 dollars in salary.

Thursday featured several presentations, a lunch buffet, welcome drinks and a treretters menu with wine at the Hotel and the World restaurant Pirate Ship.

There was, according to the Lise Willer is not a free bar, but everyone present got a ticket which could be exchanged for a single drink. Everything in addition they have to pay themselves.

the Evening also featured a concert, before the leaders were up on Friday and continue the seminar, which started with breakfast and then several presentations.

These continued the rest of the morning, before the seminar was rounded off with a great lunch.

Esbjerg Municipality mayor, Jesper Frost Rasmussen (V), says in a comment to JydskeVestkysten, to byrådspolitikerne not have had something with the arrangement to make.

Anyway he is asking, however, questioned the amount of money that has been spent on the event, when the municipality has just made massive savings on a wide range of areas.

B. T. has previously described how the Municipality of Esbjerg have lacked millions of dollars and therefore have been forced to cut to the bone in order to comply with the budgets.

Criticism of local governments use of money is certainly not new.

Particularly the city of Copenhagen has been in the spotlight over the past year, where among other things, the then culture and leisure in copenhagen Niko Grünfeld received harsh criticism for using the 130,000 dollars on designer furniture for his office, and subsequently went by, while the ex-mayor Pia Allerslev got the hug of a self-portrait to 98.700 crowns.