The ADAC road patrol riders and the mobility partner of the club were also busy in the past year: Over three million times, they came to the car drivers in case of problems, to help. This makes an average of 10,300 calls per day. About twice as often, however, the Yellow angel and had to be 21. January 2019 disengagement. More than 20,000 times, they were on the date of the Saviour in the Emergency, which had primarily to do with the duration of the frost on this Monday. The vehicle models themselves, there was not a single series that could be placed in all of the years in the top 15 percent in the breakdown statistics. Overall, the 2011 Kia Ceed cut off at the worst. All information and statistics, there are

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the battery is the most common cause of Puncture

The ADAC breakdown statistics, albeit in a negative sense, a constant. Namely, the most common cause of Breakdowns. The secured this year by a large margin the car’s battery. This is likely to remain so for some years, especially since the breakdown of the electric car (with similar problems in the start-up batteries) are included. It was noticeable this time that the tires have increased breakdowns. The reason for this, however, are not cars worse conditions on German roads and highways, but the steady decline in the equipment of vehicles with spare wheels: again and again be called the breakdown services, in order to bring Repair Kits to use or to on-site determine that their expiry date is long expired. Viehmann ADAC: Complete equipment of approximately 50,000 Euro breakdown assistance-vehicle

Tops and Flops of all classes

As you read the following “glitches-cards”: The breakdown statistics contains a series of the third to tenth admission year approvals with a minimum of 10,000 Only (EZ) and covers the years 2010 up to and including 2017. The breakdown code , you will find directly below it, is the result of breakdowns per 1000 registered vehicles. A Roadside indicator is missing on a card (e.g. VW Sharan, registration date 2010), this means that less than 7000 vehicles at the beginning of the year were approved. Self-inflicted glitches (like lack of fuel) are not taken into account. In the “common defects” are above average takes into account existing problems in the respective series. The year behind each of the models of good or bad years refer to numbers especially on the basis of the Breakdown indicator.

the most reliable models

Toyota Aygo


these are the more unreliable models

Fiat 500 ADAC

Hyundai i20 ADAC

Kia Ceed ADAC

VW Sharan ADAC

Mercedes E-class ADAC