The Situation is the same for all savers known: The European Central Bank (ECB) has focused for years on zero interest rates. With cheap money to boost the economy of the Eurozone. Of home builders benefit, for example, the loan interest rates are in the basement. Conversely, funds, from throwing almost nothing more.

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banks themselves under pressure

Under the Situation, the money houses suffer: banks must pay for their at the ECB, the money parked penalty interest in the amount of 0.5 per cent. Therefore, many banks charge these costs to their wealthy customers. Usually of less interest in an investment sum of at least € 100,000. This will then be calculated per year 500 Euro “Depositary fee”, as the official term.

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Berlin, Sparda-Bank-lowers “penalty-worthy” amount of solid ab

The Berlin, Sparda-Bank, now draws the reins: In the future, this fee is already starting account balance of 25,000 euros. The “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (FAZ) reported.

From August 2020 to 0.5 per cent for amounts of 25,000 euros on current accounts and of € 50,000 on the money market account due. This applies to new customers .

Previously, the threshold was 100,000 euros for “Sparda cash / SpadaCash Online”accounts, such as the cooperative Bank writes on its Website. This is the amount of the penalties threatened. And that was only in the case of a counter-opening from 1. By September 2017.

savers must rely on high cost

set significantly more savers will be asked as a date to the checkout The consequences: Who is grounded only 25,000 euros on its current account, it must pay for it in the future, a year € 125 “Depositary’s fee”. At 50,000 euros on a money market account and even € 250 to be due.

However, savers still have a second Problem: The Inflation is currently 0.9 per cent, nibbling also at the Savings. If you add both Items, then the value of a days drops money account with 50,000 Euro Deposit, within one year, to 1.4 percent, i.e. 700 Euro .

A Sparda spokesman justified the step, according to the “FAZ”-report so that the Sparda-Bank itself had to annually pay millions of dollars to the ECB. Therefore, you must engage your customers to the cost.

the Only consolation is that The tightening 1. August meets new customers. However, existing customers should not be too sure. The Sparda-Bank Berlin has included, according to the report, “contact with customers”. So it could well be that this group of customers will soon need to expect higher costs.

Also interesting: clauses in premiums saving contracts invalid – the Nearest Sparkasse loses in interest to the dispute before the court

critics also take other banks with punitive interest rates to target

experts have expressed in the report, the suspicion that banks took advantage of the current Corona-the crisis accelerates negative interest rates to introduce. The Oliver Maier, the CEO of the Online comparison portal Verivox is suspected about. In the past three months, the number of banks had to collect the penalty interest from customers, doubled.

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This is the consumer associations, a thorn in the eye. The consumer advice centre of Baden-Württemberg announced, therefore, the examination of fundamental legal steps, such as the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” reported. The consumer advice centre of Saxony had even obtained a Declaration to cease and desist against the Sparkasse Vogtland. However, the money house is defending itself, the district court of Leipzig, want on 13. October 2020 on the case of Az decide (. 05 O 640/20).

interest rates may still be low for a long time

stay Who hopes for the help of the courts, should look at other forms of investment. Especially since many experts expect continued low interest rates, as a result of the Corona-crisis.

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