for several years tried 30-year-old Sandra Valente Dark to get answers as to why she had violent pains in one leg.

Her long journal is a map of the chaotic way, she had to take through the healthcare system to get its diagnosis. A way that can explain why a young mother of two small children were not rescued in time.

B. T. has undergone Sandra Dark Valentes journal from the last two years, before she in may this year was diagnosed with incurable cancer.

She is not the story of one patient, who oversaw its symptoms and went too late to the doctor. But the story of a patient who became more and more ill, while the doctors sent her around between himself and called for stronger and stronger pain relievers. Without effect.

A count shows that Sandra Dark Valente over a period of two years visited various doctors 19 times with pain in the leg and the accompanying symptoms. Among other things, fever and dizziness.

She was in contact with five general practitioners, three specialists, skadestuelæger and vagtlæger. In her journal stands in several times, that it can be appropriate with an orthopedic examination and an MRI scan to determine the cause of her symptoms.

But it did not.

instead, it was Sandra Dark Valente sent criss-cross between different specialties.

Her family doctor sent her to a gigtlæge, who gave her stretching exercises, but believed, she should be examined by an orthopedic surgeon and possibly an MRI scan.

It was the second time an orthopedic examination and an MRI scan was suggested Dinamobet in the journal, without Sandra Dark Valente’s got a reference to it.

Gigtlægen also thought it would be a good idea with a ‘gynaecological supervision’, and that is referred to her general practitioner – not to scan and orthopedic surgeon.

Neither the gynecologist or the stretching helped on the pain that was so strong, that Sandra Dark Valente at the time was on sick leave.

Sandra Dark Valente sought therefore again to his own doctor, who once again referred her to the same gigtlæge, as she had seen once.

the Doctor had only telefontid an hour on Tuesdays, and Sandra Dark Valente had a hard time getting in contact with him.

She was, therefore, a new reference to another gigtlæge. All the while she’s got printed more and more painkillers.

Gigtlægerne, however, could not help Sandra Dark Valente, and eventually sought out she even an orthopedic surgeon in a private hospital.

the orthopaedic surgeon found that Sandra Dark Valente had not problems with the hips and recommended that she got a referral to a neurologist as soon as possible.

It was essential.

the Neurologist MRI-scanned finally, Sandra Dark Valente, and the 22. may 2019, she was finally his diagnosis.

the Scan revealed that she had cancer that had spread to the hip, pelvis and spine. It turned out later that the cancer had started in her left leg.

ben, who started the Sandra Dark Valentes long journey through a chaotic health care system.

B. T. has undergone the part of Sandra Dark Valentes journal, which included in her case by Patienterstatningen. It, however, goes back only to February 2017, and Sandra Dark Valente says that she first approached the health system about his pain in the leg six years ago, when she was pregnant with her first son.

It is confirmed in several places in the part of the record, B. T. has seen.

B. T. has asked the medical association for a comment to Sandra Dark Valente’s and other patients ‘ experience of being thrown around in the health service without being listened to. However, it has not been possible for the medical association to help in the actual article due to time constraints.