The accountability report for the 2021 financial year of the House of His Majesty the King, endorsed by the General State Intervention and first under Royal Decree 434/1988, of May 6, on the restructuring of the House of His Majesty the King Rey, also reports on the salaries of twelve senior officials who have served the House during the 2021 financial year.

In total, the item allocated to these senior positions amounted to 1,316,424.43, practically the same as the 1,311,832 euros of the previous year.

Here is the relationship:

– Jaime Alfonsín Alfonso, head of the House: 147,204 euros.

– Domingo Martínez Palomo, general secretary: 145,789 euros.

– General Emilio Juan Gracia Cirugeda, head of the Fourth Military: 117,293 euros.

– Beatriz Rodríguez Alcobendas, comptroller: 108,133 euros.

– Alfonso Sanz Portolés, diplomatic adviser: 142,876 euros.

– Emilio Tomé de la Vega, Chief of Staff: 111,950 euros.

– José Manuel Zuleta and Alejandro, head of the Queen’s Secretariat: 111,395 euros.

– Miguel Ángel Herráiz Alarcón, head of the Security Service: 110,713 euros.

– Jorge Gutiérrez Roldán, Director of Communication: 107,762 euros.

– Alfredo Martínez Serrano, head of the Protocol Unit: 82,158 euros. (1-1-2021 to 9-27-2021).

– Bernardo de Lizaur, head of the Protocol Unit: 19,195 (10-23-21 to 12-31-21)

– Isaías Peral Puebla, head of the Infrastructure and Services Administration Unit: 111,950 euros.