Spring is a time of year that affects everything. Surely you are tired of seeing how in just 5 minutes your immaculate car is covered with a yellow powder of pollen from trees and plants. Although it is more or less annoying that the car gets dirty, it is the lesser of evils. This dust also affects your engine and elements such as the air conditioning system.

And it is that due to the increase in solid particles in suspension, and even to the greater vitality of animals and insects, it is worth preparing the car for this time of year. To do this, the experts at AutocasiĆ³n help us:

-Change the air filter: The engine needs to breathe to work. Dirty air causes premature wear on internal engine parts and can cause serious damage. A quality air filter in good condition is cheap, easy to change and the best way to avoid breakdowns. In addition, it even reduces consumption if the previous filter was very dirty. Take a look at its status and if it’s dirty, change it.

-Clean the air conditioning circuit: It is useless to put a new anti-pollen filter if all the pipes of the car’s heating and air conditioning system are dirty. The humidity of winter causes a lot of dirt to adhere to the ducts, which becomes the ideal home for bacteria and microorganisms. Do a system cleanup.

-Change the anti-pollen filter: It is the time of the year in which it is most abundant, so put a new filter after having cleaned the system well.

-Protects the paint: Pollen, insects… these elements put more demands on the car’s paint. Solar radiation also increases, so it is the ideal time to treat the bodywork with one of the products on the market. Waxes create a protective layer that prevents dust from sticking to the paint and is easier to remove. It also protects the brightness and color of the paint from solar radiation.

-Fill the windshield washer reservoir: Insects begin to abound at this time and greatly reduce our visibility. Carrying full windshield wiper fluid ensures that we can clean it more often. Do not miss this report on windshield washer fluid, you will see that it is better to buy a specific product than to use any soap.

-Check the status of the lights: The best way to avoid running over an animal is to see it. Most accidents happen at night and to see well it is essential that all the car’s lights work well and, above all, that the headlights are correctly adjusted.

-Check the coolant: At this time of year temperatures start to rise. Carrying the correct coolant level and condition is vital.

-Check the tires: Dirt from the air settles on the asphalt and creates a very slippery layer as soon as four drops fall. Having the tires in good condition and with the perfect pressures is essential.

-Cleans the front radiator: Insects, leaf litter… all this accumulates in the front part of the car and obstructs the passage of air through the radiator, which increases engine temperature. Keep the outside of the front radiator clean.

-Remove the accumulated leaves at the base of the windshield: This part of the car is where the air enters the air conditioning system. If it’s dirty (as well as causing water to get into the front passenger footwells), the interior ventilation system won’t work properly.