President Biden is facing a difficult situation with no easy solution. Despite his efforts in interviews and speeches, a significant portion of the public remains unconvinced of his ability to continue serving as president. Over the years, doubts about his age and fitness for office have only grown. Recent polls show that a majority of voters believe he is too old to be an effective president.

The recent debate did little to change these perceptions. In fact, it only highlighted the existing concerns that many voters had about Biden. Despite knowing about these issues, top Democrats chose to ignore them, believing that the criticisms were unfair, that Biden would not step aside, and that there were no other viable options. However, the recent poll results indicate that voters are now more concerned about Biden’s age and health than they are about Trump’s legal troubles.

The Democratic Party is now facing a crucial decision about how to address this issue. If Biden were to step aside, the party would have to decide between a coronation or a contested nomination process. While some see a coronation of Vice President Kamala Harris as the safest choice, others argue that this would only perpetuate the mistakes that led to the current crisis.

One of the main problems is that Democrats have not had enough information about Biden’s abilities due to the lack of a competitive primary race and limited opportunities for him to showcase his skills. If Biden had been subjected to more rigorous debates, interviews, and press conferences, his shortcomings might have been more apparent earlier on. For example, a press conference in February where Biden confused Mexico and Egypt only served to deepen doubts about his cognitive abilities.

Overall, it is clear that the Democratic Party needs to take action, but the best way forward is still uncertain. Regardless of the path they choose, it is essential that they learn from past mistakes and ensure that they have all the necessary information before making a decision that will impact the future of the party and the country as a whole.