Fresh snow is expected in many regions of Germany for the weekend: Today it is supposed to snow mainly in the south and east, as the German Weather Service (DWD) announced in Offenbach early in the morning.

Up to five centimeters of fresh snow are expected in many places, and up to ten centimeters in the Alpine region. According to the DWD forecast, snow showers are also possible in the low mountain ranges on Saturday. The maximum values ​​are two degrees during the day, on the North Sea islands a maximum of three degrees is reached.

For Sunday night, the DWD expects widespread frost with values ​​around minus seven degrees. It will continue to snow in the south and south-east, and there may be snow or sleet showers on the North and Baltic Seas. Otherwise it is often cloudy or foggy. The sky remains mostly cloudy during the course of the day, and the weather service expects new snowfall between the Alps and the eastern low mountain range. According to the DWD, only isolated snow showers are to be expected in other parts of the country. The maximum values ​​are three degrees during the day, on Monday night there can be severe frost with values ​​around minus ten degrees.

According to the information, the new week will start on Monday with dense clouds and some snow. In Saxony, the snowfall is likely to last longer.