On the Pentecost weekend, Germany is facing a mix of partly rainy and partly sunny weather. On Saturday it will remain very cloudy and rainy in a strip from the Eifel to Lausitz, as the German Weather Service in Offenbach announced. Otherwise there will be changing clouds and isolated thunderstorms are possible. The maximum temperatures are therefore between 17 and 23 degrees. Only in the east can it get warmer at 26 degrees in summer.

According to meteorologists, temperatures will remain constant on Whitsunday. It is expected to remain clear for a long time in the south and southeast of Germany. Otherwise there will be changing cloud cover and showers and thunderstorms are often possible during the day. Possible rain is not expected to subside until Monday night.

The weather service expects a change of sun and clouds over the course of the day, and thunderstorms are also possible locally. Things get friendlier in the middle, where it stays sunny and dry for longer in some areas. The temperatures then rise to up to 26 degrees, except in the mountains and at the sea.