The calendar summer in Germany starts with an explosive mixture of muggy heat of around 30 degrees and thunderstorms with the potential for severe weather. Responsible for this are the low-pressure areas “Kay” and “Justus”, which ensure an influx of humid and very warm air from the Mediterranean region, as the German Weather Service (DWD) announced yesterday in Offenbach.

Things should get down to business, especially tomorrow: severe thunderstorms are forecast in large parts of the country, and there is a risk of “extremely heavy rain” in some areas, as meteorologist Marcel Schmid from the DWD explained. Filled cellars and flooded areas must be expected, especially in the south and south-east with large hail and hurricane gusts “with increased potential for damage,” said Schmid. It is not yet possible to predict exactly where such severe storms will occur, and the meteorologist advised that people should keep an eye on the relevant warnings.

Starting in the afternoon in the southeastern half, there could already be more severe thunderstorms and local storms with heavy rain, larger hailstones and individual hurricane gusts. The temperatures reach 28 to 33 degrees, in the north-west half it remains a little more pleasant with a change of sun and clouds with 25 to 30 degrees, but isolated showers and thunderstorms are also possible there. According to the DWD, in the southern half of Germany, heavy thunderstorms are to be expected in some areas over the coming night.

Highs up to 35 degrees

On Thursday, thundery precipitation is likely to gradually spread from the southwest to almost the entire country. There could be “extremely heavy rainfall” across the area. In the southeast it will remain clear for a longer period of time, but there is a risk of severe thunderstorms during the course of the day, sometimes with large-grain hail and hurricane gusts. In the far north and north-east it is likely to remain at best with a few showers. The maximum values ​​range from 25 degrees in the north-west to 35 degrees in the south-east, it gets a little less warm on the coasts.

Friday will then appear northwest of a line from the Upper Rhine to West Mecklenburg with longer sunny periods, mostly it will remain dry here. More clouds and more heavy showers and thunderstorms are expected in the other parts of the country, which will gradually retreat to the south-east. It can also rain for a long time in the Alps. With a moderate and gusty north-west wind, it will not be as warm as before at 20 to 27 degrees.