A high will bring friendly and partly summery weather to Germany before thunderstorms are possible in parts of the country on Friday. “High Sigrun will really work hard tomorrow, Wednesday, but the cold air that has flowed in can’t really warm up yet,” says meteorologist Julia Tuschy from the German Weather Service in Offenbach on Tuesday. But on Thursday warm air from the Mediterranean reached us. “The first summer day with temperatures above 25 degrees this year is in sight.” Up to 27 degrees could be reached on the Upper Rhine.

The forecasts in detail

On Wednesday it will be mostly clear as soon as the local fog has lifted. Only in the north-west will it be cloudy at times, but it will also remain largely dry there. The maximum values ​​​​reach 11 to 15 degrees in the north-east half, otherwise 16 to 19, on the Upper Rhine there are even up to 21 degrees. In addition, a weak to moderate wind will blow, in the north from northwest, in the middle and in the south from east to northeast.

On Thursday, the sky in the north will be loosely cloudy, according to the DWD, in the rest of the country it will often be clear or, in addition to high cloud fields, also sunny. The temperatures rise to 12 to 17 degrees east of the Elbe, in the rest of the country 17 to 23 degrees are expected, on the Upper Rhine even a summery 26 or 27 degrees.

Due to the warm Mediterranean air, however, the risk of strong thunderstorms also increases. “Rainfall from the south-west and west was already spreading to Germany on Friday night. This then spreads eastward over the course of the day,” says meteorologist Tuschy. There will be heavy thunderstorms, especially in the center and south – with heavy rain and hail. On the other hand, east of the Elbe, for example, it will remain dry and at times sunny until the evening. The maximum values ​​love in the northeast at 10 to 15 degrees, otherwise at 16 to 23 degrees.