Just in time for the beginning of the calendar autumn, a low over Scandinavia with plenty of polar air in Germany has replaced the late summer temperatures. But already on Sunday, Hoch “Rosi” will provide more sun, as the German Weather Service (DWD) reported.

However, some rain can still be expected on the edge of the Alps – and snow at higher altitudes above 1,800 to 2,000 meters. In addition, the last low foothills in the northwest are still holding out for a while and are causing dense clouds as well as heavy rain showers and isolated thunderstorms.

Meteorologists are expecting a good portion of sun on Sunday, especially in the western half of Germany, while clouds may last a little longer, especially in the middle and on the edge of the Alps, before the sun sets in there too. The temperatures are 17 to 22 degrees, in the mountains a maximum of 13 to 17 degrees.