Vox avoided the post-election chapter and its eventual entry into Government of Isabel Diaz Ayuso throughout the campaign. Her candidate Rocio Montasterio used the phrase “On May 5, we talked” to answer questions about the topic. It was the day that the far-right formation, which had never before co-governed with the PP, opened their doors to the public. However, this decision is one that they will leave to the regional president. Santiago Abascal stated Wednesday that she believes it was up to her to decide if Vox is something she would like to see in the Government.

He said that the party is open to hearing from Diaz Ayuso about possible offers and they will decide if they accept. Vox leader confirmed that the PP candidate’s investiture is not in danger. It was announced that the Autonomous Assembly’s thirteen deputies would allow Diaz Ayuso to re-elect her as president. However, she did not vote. Abascal stated, “What we are going do is defend our electoral programme and defend those who voted for him”.

Vox’s president certifying that his party would not “retaliate” against the PP following last November’s motion of censure against Pedro Sanchez. The leader of the PP broke all ties with them during a very harsh speech. To the surprise of Abascal, Pablo Casado said “So far we’ve come.”

Vox and PP are now unable to communicate with each other due to Citizens being absent from the Madrid Chamber. The two parties will now have to see how far they can go together in order to fulfill the promises made during the campaign. Monasterio said that they will now see where Diaz Ayuso’s government wants to concentrate and warned that he would have to choose between his party or an abstention of the PSOE to implement laws or initiatives. Monasterio insisted that “We will dedicate ourselves to defending safety, ending political waste and protecting families and fighting against gender ideologi laws and indoctrination of our children.” .