The Netzhoppers KW-Bestensee remain combative even after the defeat at the start of the playoff. “I don’t want to end the season on Sunday. I want to keep playing. I’m hungry for more volleyball,” said coach Tomasz Wasilkowski on Sunday one day after the 1: 3 (14:25, 14:25, 25:21, 22: 25) at SVG Lüneburg. In the quarter-final series in Best-of-Three mode, the team now has to win the second game on April 2 inBestensee in order to force a decisive third game.

“I want to win. I want to go to Lüneburg and win there. I want to make it to the semi-finals if it’s possible,” said the Pole. “Of course it will be extremely difficult because we don’t have the rhythm. But we’ve trained well in the last few weeks.” Wasilkowski left no doubt about the quality of the Lüneburgers. “Their individual potential is higher than ours,” he said. “It was a tough game for us, especially the first two sets. Lüneburg played so well and we couldn’t do anything. They’re just very strong.”

However, the 39-year-old was encouraged by the reaction to the first two rounds and how his changes bore fruit. Max Schulz and Dirk Westphal enlivened the Netzhoppers’ game. “I then had three outside attackers on the field and changed the middle block. That disturbed Lüneburg a bit and changed our rhythm. That changed the game,” said Wasilkowski. Despite this, he will probably want to start with the same top six in the second game, but also said: “I’m open. I’m not afraid of change.”

After a difficult season with many injuries, the Brandenburgers don’t just want to say goodbye in front of their own audience, they want to win. “I hope that we can play a lot better at home than yesterday and that we’ll put more pressure on them. And then we’ll see what happens. It’s sport, everything is open,” said Wasilkowski.

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