Until now, the labor market has managed to remain immune to the negative effects that runaway inflation is having on other parameters of the economy, on the verge of 10%. But there may come a point where it will also take its toll on job creation.

The alert was launched yesterday by the Minister of Employment and Industry, Mariano Veganzones, who sent a message of optimism, but at the same time of warning, because if on the one hand he showed his confidence that the employment figures “follow the good rhythm that they are having so far”, he immediately stated that he is confident that inflation “will allow us to maintain these employment figures”. Of course, he warned that it is necessary for the rise in prices to “lower the tone a little.”

“If inflation continues like this, employment will suffer, which we would not like,” said the counselor, before participating in the ceremony for the 2022 SME Award of the Valladolid Chamber of Commerce, whose main award went to Matarromera. Vegazones stressed the importance of “promoting and reinvigorating” the business fabric, especially after having been “so punished” during the Covid pandemic, so that companies “return to have a lot of activity, create a lot of employment”. The head of the industrial area in the Junta de Castilla y León advanced that in the face of the next Budgets, the “star” of his department will be the technological and cybersecurity boost, especially looking at SMEs.