Last year alone, over ten million people from Germany (aged 14 and over) booked a private flight. This is evident from current statistics. In fact, the mode of transport is very popular among travelers who want to spend their vacation on another continent. The time on board is correspondingly long – and unfortunately not very comfortable, especially in economy class. To make your stay before and during your trip as pleasant as possible, you can use helpful airplane gadgets.

The space on the plane is significantly limited for each passenger. Although there is a fold-down table, this also offers little space for food and drinks, magazines or electronic accessories such as a smartphone. A cell phone holder for airplanes including 360 degree rotation is ideal here. It is suitable for smartphones of different sizes.

If you want to sleep on a plane, you usually have to do so while sitting on short routes. Investing in an ergonomic neck pillow made of soft memory foam can make sense here to support the head and relieve the strain on the spine. It’s best to choose a foldable model, which makes it easier to store in or on your luggage.

From chattering seat neighbors to whirring turbine noises: the background noise on a plane is usually extremely loud throughout the entire duration. If you simply want to block out all ambient noise, you can use special aircraft hearing protection. It is also used to relieve possible ear pain when taking off or landing.

When you go on vacation with luggage, you usually only have one hand free at the airport. With children, usually none at all. With a practical suitcase cup holder with three separate pockets (e.g. for your phone or passports) you have the opportunity to carry two different drinks – hot or cold – with you at the same time. The material is foldable and washable.

Do you know that too? You’re packing your suitcase for your upcoming vacation and realize that half of your clothes don’t fit in the luggage, even though they wouldn’t exceed the maximum total weight of the suitcase. Here it can be helpful to use so-called compression bags including a hand pump. This means you save up to 80 percent of storage space (according to the manufacturer).

The idea is so simple: If you can’t sleep on a plane because of the surrounding light sources or even in the middle of the day, you would do well to pack a well-fitting blackout mask. It’s best to choose a thin, skin-friendly model that is still tight enough so that no ray of light can shine through. A pair of earplugs are included in this set.

It is not uncommon for suitcases to get lost during a flight. Either they end up at the wrong holiday destination – or someone else accidentally put their luggage in their luggage because it looks so similar to their own. To clearly identify the suitcase, it makes sense to attach a waterproof tag (including name and address).

Would you like to have your own duvet with you on a long-haul flight, but you can’t take it with you because of its size? Alternatively, try this lightweight travel blanket made of soft flannel fleece, which can also be used as a pillow when folded. It fits in any hand luggage and is an ideal airplane gadget.

There are still regulations for liquid containers in hand luggage. This set contains six waterproof, leak-proof and reusable travel bags with zippers and handles that will easily survive any airport security check. The material is made of 100 percent recyclable EVA material and is free of plastic, PVC and BPA.

This gadget is also suitable for long (or short) flights. The mobile footrest is attached to the front seat using special straps and is height adjustable. The purpose of the whole thing is that you can rest your feet or calves on it and relax. This is particularly useful for people with short legs who do not touch the floor when sitting.

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