Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani says he has filed a civil lawsuit against US President Joe Biden. Former President Donald Trump’s confidante is accusing Biden of defamation for calling him a “Russian pawn” during a 2020 presidential debate. “What he did to me is unbearable,” Giuliani said on Wednesday (local time) at a press conference in Concord, New Hampshire. Trump’s former lawyer filed the lawsuit there.

Giuliani claims he lost clients because of Biden’s testimony. US presidents enjoy extensive immunity for their actions in office and generally do not have to worry about being held civilly liable for them. But things are different with actions that have nothing to do with the presidency. Just over a week ago, Biden’s son Hunter sued Giuliani because he allegedly illegally gained access to his laptop.

Relationship with Trump

Giuliani still has to contend with other legal problems. He advised Trump during his term in office and has been charged with attempted election fraud along with the Republican in the state of Georgia. The New York Times reported on Wednesday that prosecutors are also looking into Giuliani’s alcohol consumption in this context. When asked about this in Concord, Giuliani said: “I don’t have a drinking problem.”

The 79-year-old was once a respected politician in the USA. He served as mayor of New York and chief crisis coordinator during the September 11 attacks. In recent years, however, Giuliani’s reputation has suffered considerably – with various appearances he has caused great ridicule. Around three years ago, dark paint suddenly dripped down his temples at a press conference – media speculated about hair dye. A press conference in the parking lot of a landscape gardening company – located between a crematorium and a sex shop in the middle of the industrial area of ​​the metropolis of Philadelphia – also caused people to shake their heads.