In cold temperatures, nothing helps like a warming stew from the inside. Filling, nutritious and, above all, versatile, the former poor man’s food has established itself as a widespread favorite dish in the autumn and winter months. Our grandparents already appreciated the diverse possibilities for creating a stew.

Whether with meat or without, with potatoes, pasta or rice, with legumes, various vegetables and tasty sauces – stews are the chameleon of dishes and can be ideally adapted to the needs of the cook. How about a Mexican stew with chili, beans and potatoes? Thanks to the spices it contains, it warms you particularly well from the inside, although the level of spiciness and amount of chili peppers can of course be adjusted to your own palate tolerance threshold.

The star of the dish is the good old potato, which makes the stew so wonderfully creamy. Beans and chickpeas also provide plenty of vegetable protein and fiber and contribute to long-lasting satiety. The whole thing is served with some crème fraîche, avocado and – if you like it – fresh coriander. Bon appetit.