LONDON — Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party lawmakers will hold a no confidence vote Monday. This is the latest challenge to end the controversial leader’s political career.

Graham Brady, a Conservative MP, announced Monday’s vote. He said it was triggered by a threshold of 15% Conservative lawmakers in the House of Commons who decided that Johnson is no longer trustworthy to lead.

“The PM is pleased to have the opportunity to present his case to the MPs. He will remind them that there is no greater political force than a united, focused group of people who are committed to the issues that matter most to voters.” No. Johnson’s office at 10 Downing St. released a statement.

BBC News reported that Brady had told Johnson on Sunday. Brady said that Brady had told BBC News that he had informed Johnson on Sunday.

To survive, the prime minister needs a simple majority. To stay in office, the Conservative Party must hold 359 seats in UK Parliament. He needs 180 MPs to support him.

Even if he doesn’t reach the threshold, the magnitude of his victory could be crucial to his political future. According to observers, if the vote is close enough, he could be forced to resign later. However, under current rules Johnson will not be subject to a similar challenge to leadership if Johnson wins a majority vote on Monday.

After months of pressure on Johnson’s leadership, the no-confidence vote is the first of its kind since Johnson was elected prime minister in July 2019.

In May, Sue Gray, a top civil servant, concluded a thorough investigation into more than a dozen gatherings at key government residences attended by Downing Street staff.

In April, the Metropolitan Police issued the prime minister a personal fine for participating in an illegal gathering during COVID-19 lockdowns 2020. This was the first time in British history that a prime minister has been sanctioned for violating the law.

Johnson has since apologized but faced calls from members of his party and opposition lawmakers to resign.

The report also included a photo showing the prime minister toasting at a party held in No. The report included a photo of the prime minister making a toast at a gathering held in No. The report also contained a lot of disturbing details, such as “multiple instances of disrespect and poor treatment for security and cleaning staff” as well as instances of excessive alcohol consumption.

Gray concluded the report by writing that “many will be shocked that behavior of this nature took place at the heart of Government.” “The public has a right not to expect the highest standards of behavior in such places, and clearly this was not what they got.”

Johnson’s premiership has been overshadowed by the scandal surrounding “Partygate”, and growing concern over the cost of living. Johnson has been praised for his support for Ukraine.

As he arrived at the National Service of Thanksgiving on Friday, Johnson was booed in front of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Johnson has been supported by several lawmakers before the no-confidence vote. Johnson is expected to address his own MPs to present his case for leadership prior the final vote on Monday night.

This is still a developing story. Keep checking back for more updates.