Johnny Depp was seen performing on Saturday night at the Sheffield concert of Jeff Beck, England. This video is one of many posted on social media.

The jury deliberates on the high-profile case against Amber Heard. This is against the background of mutual domestic violence accusations against Amber Heard. In addition, the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor sang “Isolation” with Jeff Beck, a John Lennon song they recorded in the studio back in 2020. They also performed Marvin Gaye’s “What’s going on” and Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing”.

“Well… What a surprise we had last evening when Johnny Depp joined Jeff Beck,” says the Sheffield City Hall official Twitter account.

On Tuesday, the jury will return to Fairfax, Washington, USA to continue their deliberations following a six week trial that shed harsh light on the lives of the Depp/Heard couple.

Elaine Bredehoft her lawyer, stated that Amber Heard’s “life has become hell” since the beginning of the trial. She requested five jurors, two men and two women, to dismiss Johnny Depp’s complaint and “let her go with her life and raise her baby”.

Actor 58 year old Camille Vasquez, who had previously confirmed his lawyer, Camille Vasquez, said that he also wanted to “resume his life”.

Star of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” saga is now suing his ex-wife, who in a Washington Post column in 2018 called him “a public figure representing domestic abuse”, but did not name Johnny Depp.

He seeks $50 million in damages.

Amber Heard, who starred in “Justice League”, and “Aquaman”, retaliated and requested the double. She claims that this “futile complaint” prolongs the “abuse and harassment” Johnny Depp made her go through.

After listing all of the arguments that Amber had, Ben Rottenborn (one of her lawyers) said that if the jury determines Amber has suffered at least one assault, she will win. The argument turned into violence. He said, referring to the Washington Post column, “Think about the message Mr. Depp, his lawyers, are sending Amber, and by extension, to every victim of domestic abuse,” This lawsuit is more than Johnny Depp against Amber Heard. It’s about freedom of speech. He told jurors to defend her and protect her.

Camille Vasquez replied, “The First Amendment (of Constitution) doesn’t protect those who lie or defame other people.”

Lawyers for Amber Heard denounced the “lies”, saying that she wanted to “ruin her ex-husband.” “Six years ago today on May 27, 2016, Ms. Heard entered court and filed a false domestic violence complaint,” Ms. Vasquez stated, claiming that her client was the victim and not the victim. In the opposite, violence was committed by his partner. Ben Chew, his other lawyer, said that Mr. Depp had never accused a woman of accusing him of having laid a hand on Amber Heard in 58 years. And no one has done it since. Johnny Depp “lost all” and was “erased Hollywood” by the column published in his ex-girlfriend’s column, according to the lawyer. “Everyone knew who she was talking about.”

Actor “supports and believes” in the movement

The jury has heard hundreds of hours of testimony and audio or video recordings since April 11th. These details have been far more intimate than the glamour of Hollywood. According to the actress, Johnny Depp was a “monster” after consuming an explosive mix of drugs and alcohol. He did not seek rehab. In March 2015, Johnny Depp would have raped the actress with a bottle in Australia, where he was filming episode 5 “Pirates”. Johnny Depp was taken to the hospital that day with a severed finger. He says it was because of the glare from Amber Heard’s bottle. He said he had hurt himself.

She claims she was the victim of a social media campaign to destroy her career after she left him in May 2016. She claims she has been “harassed” since the trial began, which was broadcast live on TV. She says she received “thousands of death threats.”

Johnny Depp has the support of hundreds who cheered him every day in court.

The comedian lost his first defamation suit in London against The Sun in 2020. The tabloid called him a “violent spouse”.

Both actors divorced in 2017 and claim that they have been charged fees of between 40- 50 million dollars.