Two alleged thieves have died this Sunday morning after jumping from a bridge of the AP-7 about 30 meters high, in Sant Julià de Ramis (Gerona), fleeing from the Mossos d’Esquadra.

At 2.56 in the morning, a Mossos d’Esquadra crew detected a van traveling at very low speed heading north in a service area, police sources explained to Ep.

Suspecting that they could be thieves, the agents have checked the license plate and have seen that it was a stolen van, before which they have notified more patrols to stop the vehicle and identify the occupants.

Realizing this, the two men fled “at high speed” along the AP-7, and stopped at kilometer 52.5 at Sant Julià de Ramis, from where they jumped off the bridge.

The Mossos believe that the two men did not realize that it was a bridge, due to poor visibility: the police found them below, already dead, and now they are awaiting the autopsy and subsequent identification.