The closure of Autobahn 19 south of Rostock, which lasted several hours, was lifted as planned on Thursday morning. “The route was released as planned, and everything was running again at 8 a.m. sharp,” said a spokesman for Autobahn GmbH on Thursday.

The A19 was closed in both directions for the installation of a temporary bridge between the Kavelstorf and Laage junctions. The bridge, which weighs 200 tons and is more than 37 meters long, was installed during the night.

While the motorway is rolling again, the state road 191 at the Kavelstorf junction and the access and exit towards Rostock will initially remain closed.

According to Autobahn GmbH, the existing bridge from 1973 shows considerable damage. It will take some time before the replacement building is finished, said a spokesman for Autobahn GmbH.