Commuters and long-distance travelers will have to prepare for diversions and delays between Münster and Dortmund for six weeks from the end of March. Deutsche Bahn is investing 15 million euros in the renewal of tracks and rails between Lünen and Davensberg. Part of the train station in Lünen will also be made barrier-free.

Trains on the Hamburg-Munich and Hamburg-Basel ICE lines are affected in long-distance traffic. Here, travelers with changed departure times have to reckon with up to 60 minutes. Trains on the EC7 and EC9 lines leave Hamburg up to 50 minutes earlier in order to be back on schedule from Dortmund.

In regional traffic, the trains of the Eurobahn (RB50) are canceled from March 31st to May 11th. Buses bridge the route as rail replacement services. Deutsche Bahn asks commuters and travelers to find out about timetable changes between March 31 (9 p.m.) and May 12 (9 p.m.) before starting their journey.

This week until March 11, the railway between Münster and Hamm will be replacing tracks, points and cables. Long-distance and regional rail traffic is also affected here.

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