The mayor of Toledo, Milagros Tolón, has taken advantage of the informative breakfast organized this Thursday by ‘’ to advance new projects for the city of Toledo. Among them, an old neighborhood claim, the construction of a center for the elderly for Buenavista, a neighborhood that will also have a new leisure and meeting space for families that the City Council will enable next to the Plaza de España.

Another of the announcements has been the intention of the City Council to recover the municipal building of La Alhóndiga, unused for several years in the lower part of Miradero, as the Municipal School of Dance, a facility to which the Municipal School of Dance will also be transferred. Music ‘Diego Ortiz’.

Milagros Tolón has also advanced that the City Council will continue working on improving Jarama street and will address the reform of the Mercado de Abastos, in the Historic District, and the fine-tuning of the Parque de las Tres Culturas, with the reform and improvement of the park’s auditorium of the Three Cultures as a cultural space, for shows and events, and the recovery of the pond and fountains of this emblematic park and green lung.

On the other hand, the mayor has announced that the Highway Demarcation is preparing two important sustainable mobility projects focused on two new bio-healthy itineraries: One that will connect the Madrid avenue roundabout with the Salto del Caballo rotor, and another that will communicate the neighborhoods of Santa Bárbara and Polígono. To these initiatives will be added an important project to connect the neighborhoods of La Legua and Valparaíso through a path-viewpoint, in order to promote a sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly city.

The mayor has confirmed that the most populous neighborhood in Toledo, the Polígono, will have offices for the Local Police service, as she has anticipated in this informative breakfast. These facilities will be located in the Casa de la Cultura, in which investment will be made to adapt the spaces to this new use that will facilitate direct attention to the citizens residing in Santa María de Benquerencia.