Mary Beard, one of the great scholars of the Roman world, has written that most emperors were not deposed because they were demonized, they were demonized because they were deposed. In other words, we will never know if they were liquidated by their opponents because their government was unsustainable or if those who replaced them had to invent a lot of evil to justify their assault on power. Today’s politics, without reaching the tragic level of ancient Rome, has something of that unscrupulous attempt to attack the opposite to overthrow it. With an added problem: people have enough channels of information not to swallow everything. And, if not, it is enough to review the recent CIS survey to verify the citizens’ weariness with the political tension and indignation at the impossibility of reaching agreements.

The data from the CIS are devastating: 90.4% demand to reduce political tension, 89.7% demand that the parties agree on State pacts and 79.2% reject the anger to wear down the opposite. The survey was carried out two weeks ago, when the Pegasus scandal began and the Government relied on Bildu to approve the aid plan to alleviate the effects of the war in Ukraine.

The arrival of Alberto Núñez Feijóo seemed to introduce a sedative effect in Spanish political life, but it seems that the containment has not lasted long. In recent days, he has called the government dying, has accused it of blowing up the foundations of democracy and has described it as the worst in 45 years. For his part, Pedro Sánchez responded to the popular in Congress that there are no longer thugs in the Government as in the recent past, nor do the State security forces and bodies operate outside the law against political opponents as before.

The solution is given by Edgar Morin in Lessons from a century of life, when he says that we must face the ethical contradiction that consists in respecting every person and not offending him in what is most sacred to him, while continuing to practice a critical spirit based on in the lack of respect for the beliefs imposed as sacred. We are no longer on time.