The Police have arrested at least three people today for public disorder, hitting the ground and shouting threats in the area of ​​Marqués de Paradas street in Seville, where some brotherhoods of the Madrugá of Holy Week pass.

There have been races among the public that have affected the processional processions. The detainees are common criminals with a record, as reported by the Seville City Council. During the processions, which began at midnight, several races took place and the calm has progressively recovered, the consistory has underlined.

The official information adds that all available data is still being fully analyzed to determine the reasons for what happened, but concludes that “there are no causes for alarm.”

The races have taken place in several places through which the processions pass, the most popular in Seville, shortly after four in the morning.

One of its consequences has been the breakup of a procession of the Esperanaza de Triana, some of whose musicians have reported on social networks that they could not continue to the end due to the damage suffered.