Within the framework of ‘Operation Romero’, the National Police has dismantled a new criminal group dedicated to the illegal cultivation of marijuana in ‘indoor’ plantations, for its subsequent wholesale distribution. The illegal plantations were discovered after an intense investigation that managed to locate them in different municipalities of the province of Guadalajara, specifically in Cabanillas del Campo, Torrej√≥n del Rey and Uceda.

In this new anti-drug operation of the National Police, three people have been arrested and 2,881 marijuana plants in an advanced state of flowering have been seized, which yielded a considerable weight of 232 kilograms, as well as 18 kilograms of dry inflorescences (buds), ready for packaging for subsequent distribution, the National Police reported in a press release.

In addition, and as usual in this type of operation, in order to dismantle the infrastructure set up in the different plantations, everything necessary for the production and preparation of the drug has been seized, such as the electrical installation, air conditioning, extractors and air filters, lighting and heat lamps, irrigation system and fertilizer products.

Likewise, about 5,575 euros in cash, high-end smartphones and two vehicles have been seized.

Once again, a young minor has been located inside one of the plantations, with the danger that staying in these places could pose to his health. This circumstance has been reported to the Guadalajara Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office.

This operation becomes the fifth launched by the National Police in the province of Guadalajara so far this year. The intense fight against marijuana trafficking in the province has so far allowed the seizure of a total of approximately 5,500 marijuana plants, whose total weight amounts to 670 kilograms.

The three detainees, in charge of the illegal plantation of marijuana, have been placed at the disposal of the Court of Instruction number 4 of Guadalajara, where they will have to answer for the crimes they are accused of: against public health, belonging to a criminal group and fraud of electric fluid.