“GUN CONTROL NOW! STOP THE KILLING OF INNOCENTS!” The massacre at a Texas school has shocked the US, whose citizens have reacted quickly by demanding the regulation of weapons. American personalities from all areas who have great influence have also spoken publicly through social networks with the request that the use and sale of weapons to the population be controlled in order to put an end to new massacres. The writer Stephen King is one of the voices that has been most actively shown on his networks, with messages like the one mentioned above, in capital letters and between exclamations to show the tone.

In other messages, he has asked American citizens that the dismay over what happened not remain in just tweets for two days, but that when voting at the polls they do so for gun control.

“Two days of outrage on Twitter is not enough. When you’re in the voting booth this fall, VOTE FOR GUN CONTROL.”

Hundreds of thousands of users have shared the words of the writer, which has echoed other denunciation messages related to other recent controversies in the US, such as abortion. “You can kill children in a Texas school but you can’t have an abortion,” compared a user to a message retweeted by King.

However, he has not been the only one who has been against the current legislation on the use of weapons in the country. Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr has spoken harshly at a press conference, claiming that he is “fed up” of giving condolences for such cases. “In the last 10 days, we’ve had elderly black men murdered in a supermarket in Buffalo, we’ve had Asian churchgoers murdered in Southern California, and now we have children murdered at school. When are we going to do something? Enough already”.

Kerr has always been in favor of toughening the laws on the possession of weapons. Precisely the basketball coach knows what it is to lose a family member to a murder. His father was shot dead by an Islamic terrorist group when he was the rector of the American University of Beirut.

Also from the world of sports, Lebron James reflected on safety in schools: «When will it be enough? They are children and we continue to put them in danger at school. At school, where it’s supposed to be the safest!’

The singer Taylor Swift was devastated in the networks and recalled previous similar episodes and denounced that there are still laws that allow this type of massacre. “Because of the ways that we as a nation have become accustomed to unfathomable and unbearable anguish,” she said, referring to Steve Kerr’s words.

Elijah Wood, who played Frodo in ‘The Lord of the Rings’, has expressed his condolences to the families of the victims: “My heart goes out to the families and children of Robb Elementary in Texas. Truly awful.” His professional partner, Chris Evans, has also expressed himself forcefully: “Enough, damn it”!