The students of the Medalla Milagrosa de Toledo school have participated this week in a conference to raise awareness among the little ones about the importance of watching over the Tagus River by Julio Comendador, a politician from Toledo, spokesman for Citizens in the Provincial Council and councilor of the Toledo City Council . In this facet, he distances himself from his role as a politician and focuses on the defense of the river through his YouTube channel, ‘toledaneando’, in which this Friday he posted this interesting talk in which the children give their vision of what It is the Tagus River for them, when was the last time they were there, what needs to be done to change the situation of our river… “Look what you learn with them!” says Comendador.

The objective: «For the Tagus River to once again become a living resource in which we can make life around it depends on each one of us adopting a commitment. And listening to these children, our future, it shows that there is hope, “says Comendador.