The Socialist Municipal Group in the Assembly of Madrid presented yesterday an appeal before the Constitutional Court against the changes approved in the regional Chamber on the law that regulates Telemadrid, as announced this morning by the socialist spokesman in the regional Chamber, Juan Lobato.

The PP modified the Telemadrid law for the second time by presenting a bill to modify the way in which new directors are elected, since the current ones end their mandate next August, and reduce their number.

From now on, the Board of Directors goes from 9 to 5 members and, in addition, to avoid blockages, the appointment of directors and the CEO may be by simple majority in a second vote if two thirds are not obtained in the first.

The first change occurred a year ago now, when Ayuso, as the first measure of his mandate, promoted a change in the law to change the mandate of the general director and allow the figure of a provisional administrator until a consensus was reached on the appointment. of the CEO, a position held by José Antonio Sánchez.