The Deputy Secretary of Organization of the PP, Miguel Tellado, has criticized that the extraordinary Council of Ministers this Saturday “has nothing to do with the real situation in Spain, everything has to do with the electoral situation” after the elections in Andalusia, and has demanded that the government, with Pedro Sánchez at the head, “listen to the PP, take note of the measures contained in the economic plan presented by Alberto Núñez Feijóo” and that these actions be “adopted” to “alleviate the burden of inflation in the economy of families and SMEs».

Tellado, speaking to the media in Santiago de Compostela, pondered that not only is Spain in “crisis”, but especially “the government of Pedro Sánchez”.

“If the PSOE did not have a romp last Sunday, in the Andalusian elections, there would be no Council of Ministers today,” he criticized. The Executive, has abounded, “is dedicated every day to deny the situation” of economic hardship that the country is experiencing, which in the PP refers to the stage of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. This one, Tellado recalled, when he acted he did it “late”, for which the popular urge not to repeat history. His recipe: the roadmap defended by Feijóo.

The PP is pleased that measures are being adopted, something that they see “especially well” when it comes to those that they themselves proposed, “and that just two months ago they rejected, because they said they were not necessary or that they were not sufficient.” “The PSOE is right when it corrects and when it listens to the PP”, Tellado has added, who has influenced the message to Sánchez that “do not hide behind the pandemic or the invasion of Ukraine to recognize what is evident”; that “the government has an economic policy that is disastrous for the real economy”.

Along the same lines, the person in charge of the Organization of the PP has assessed that “Pedro Sánchez’s legislature is taking a long time.” With a government that “has no work plan, no road map” and only “improvises”, “installed in resignation, in resistance, in remaining in government but not governing”. With a “permanent improvisation”, clinging to the position, but without “exercising their powers to improve the quality of life of citizens”, for Tellado this context is what “Spain is suffering”, in “economic, industrial and labor matters” , aggravated by a “crisis scenario”, with an Executive that shows a “great insensitivity” to the impact of rising prices on the pockets of citizens and on the progress of companies.