The vice-spokesman of the Popular Parliamentary Group in the Cortes of Castilla-La Mancha, Juan Antonio Moreno, has denounced the “intolerable” situation in which the professionals of the different services of the University Hospital Complex of Albacete (CHUA) are working before “the passivity and the most absolute contempt” of the Government of Emiliano García-Page, something that “directly affects the quality of care offered to patients.”

This has been indicated by Moreno, who has indicated that the Popular Party of Castilla-La Mancha echoes the complaints received directly from the hospital professionals themselves, who feel how their demands are ignored by those responsible for the health policy of the community autonomous.

“Albacete has spent more than 20 days with the only resonance of the Public Health in the damaged city, which prevents the diagnosis of any pathology of a cranial nature”, the ‘popular’ leader has warned, stating that “it is an unusual fact that Page is unable to provide an answer and that aggravates, even more so, the situation of patients who need this type of diagnostic test, which, in most cases, is urgently required.

For Moreno it is “incomprehensible” that, after more than 20 days, no solution has been found to this serious incident that affects the entire public system of the city of Albacete and that, on the part of the Government of Emiliano García-Page, “no The necessary resources have been put in place to offer the health professionals of the CHUA the diagnostic mechanisms they need”.

“Page’s contempt and abandonment of the Albacete health system is more than evident, but the situation that is being experienced at the moment is unusual and completely intolerable,” he stressed.

In the same way, Moreno added that the professionals of the Neurosurgery service have been working, since January, with a microscope with a “black” screen, reducing the ability to act on the pathologies of patients and, in the same way, “Page hasn’t been able to fix it.”

“In short, the abandonment, indolence and incapacity of Emiliano García-Page, in terms of health management in Castilla-La Mancha, is generating critical situations in different health areas and in different areas of the region, but what is happening in the city of Albacete borders on the indecency of a ruler far removed from the real problems that afflict citizens and those that our professionals face in their day-to-day work”, concluded the Popular Party parliamentarian .