The opinion of the Catalans about the evolution of the country and the management of its government is far from positive when the first year of the investiture of Pere Aragonès is about to be completed. One in two Catalans believes that things in Catalonia are going in the wrong direction and only one in three approves of the Government’s management. Surely exogenous crises such as covid or the effects of inflation have a direct influence on the mood of citizens who are not there to launch rockets or applaud their rulers, but the survey carried out by Ipsos Iberia for La Vanguardia draws a picture that should be taken into account. In the first part of the survey that we are disclosing today, it is confirmed that the supporters of the path of dialogue obtain an award. The Socialists reaffirmed their first position, gaining two points and going from 33 to 36 seats, and the Republicans, despite the erosion of the Government, remain unchanged with their 33 deputies. Instead, Junts loses more than four percentage points and would go from 32 to 25 seats. It is significant, in this sense, that the opinion that citizens have of Aragonès is better than that of the Government in general. While 37% of those surveyed believe that he is a good president for Catalonia, those who think that the management of the different departments has been good or very good dropped to 33%.

This perception in favor of consensus on the part of the public is very evident: up to almost 60% believe that the ERC should maintain its support for the central government, despite the fact that there is a very critical general opinion about the Executive’s actions in the Pegasus case . And Pedro Sánchez is the best valued politician and is close to being approved (47%) thanks, among others, to Esquerra voters who support him by 57%. A fact to retain in the middle of the crisis between the two governments. And without wanting to spoil, I invite you to follow the second part of the survey tomorrow that confirms the trend that Catalans are increasingly betting on dialogue and moving away from the procés claiming discourse. All responses go in the same direction. Reality is as it is and not as some want it to be.