There is a truce in Andalusia. The negotiation of an administrative formula to overcome the difficult situation in which the coalition was left after last Friday’s catastrophe, which left Podemos out, is moving in the right direction, different sources from all forces confirmed yesterday. To the point that today Por Andalucía will present its electoral list in Seville, with Inma Nieto, Juan Antonio Delgado, Esperanza Gómez, Mar González, Carmen Molina and María José Torres, representatives of the coalition forces, IU, Podemos, Más País, Alianza Verde, Equo and the Andalusian People’s Initiative.

The negotiations to correct the error in the registration of the coalition started very badly on Monday, with the moods still soured by the singular disaster that the partners were able to unleash after rushing the negotiation until the last minute and a little more, but yesterday they redirected and although, at the closing of this edition, there was still not a complete agreement closed, all the parties assured that the meeting ran with a good tone and significant advances were made that allow confidence in an imminent agreement to the satisfaction of all the parties. The gap is complex, because it is about incorporating the Podemos candidates as independents, and this has an economic impact, since the party cannot receive the subsidies that would correspond to it for being part of the coalition, and yet, it will still have to bear the costs of the campaign. A situation in which organizations must be careful, since the Court of Auditors supervises the correct use of these campaign funds.

The political atmosphere between the parties, however, ratified something that was clearly perceived in the final weeks of building the alliance: that what complicated the negotiation of the common front of the Andalusian left was not Andalusia but the vapors of state competition between the different spaces before the future. Yesterday, the tension had moved to the state directorates, when on the Podemos command bridge, IU, PCE and Más País woke up with the still hot reproaches of the former vice president and founder of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, made late the previous day. in Cadena Ser. He criticized the “dedazos”, claimed primaries and made Vice President Yolanda Díaz responsible for a negotiation that he defined as a “bad first step” of his platform, contrary to what Diaz herself said, that she will not start her “listening” until after the elections and that he stayed away from the Andalusian process until, at the last minute, the parties asked him to mediate. The earthquake was felt in the Podemos bases that launched the hastag

But the other key was given by the Madrid PSOE by Juan Lobato, “very concerned”: “We need that space to the left of the PSOE to have a single and serious candidacy, with a united proposal.” He wished them better luck in Madrid, but no one escapes the state derivative of his words: It is the coalition government that receives the shock wave.