With the arrival of good weather, motorcycle trips increase, especially on weekends when they become a recreational activity in itself. For this reason, the DGT continuously launches a message of caution and respect for the rules, especially since, so far this year, 49 motorcyclists have died on weekends on the road.

Thus, the body carries out surveillance campaigns continuously with the aim of trying to reduce the fatal accidents of this type of vehicle during the weekends.

Even, and as a novelty, the Civil Guard of Pontevedra has intensified the control of movements on motorcycles, with the use of camouflaged motorcycles, in order to detect those “more reckless” behaviors and avoid the accident rate of these vehicles.

These controls, in which camouflaged motorcycles were used with plainclothes officers who used official reflective vests, are located on the roads most frequented by this type of vehicle.

On the part of the Traffic Subsector of Pontevedra, regardless of the campaigns that the DGT may foresee, it underlines that “this type of device will continue, especially on weekends when the weather allows or favors the increase in displacement in this type vehicular”.