After Hamas attacked Israel on October 7th, the immediate response was crucial. Israel was advised to consider what their worst enemy wanted them to do, and then do the opposite. Unfortunately, Israel rushed into Gaza without a solid plan or Palestinian partner for the aftermath, playing right into their enemy’s hands.

In the current political climate in America, the same question should be asked by President Biden, his family, and the Democratic Party leadership: What does their worst enemy, Donald Trump, want them to do now? The answer is clear – Trump wants Biden to stay in the presidential race so he can continue to attack him with ads, social media posts, and memes highlighting Biden’s debate performance. Trump’s strategy is to focus on Biden’s age and ability to lead in times of crisis.

Trump’s fear lies in the possibility of Biden stepping down and teaching the country how to say goodbye, like George Washington in the musical “Hamilton.” Trump and the Republicans fear that Biden will demonstrate true leadership by putting the country’s interests above personal gain, unlike them. Despite knowing Trump’s shortcomings and attempts to overturn the previous election, the Republicans continue to support him, fearing a loss of power.

To act in the best interest of the country and counter Trump’s agenda, Biden should not scramble to appease donors or insist on toughing it out until November. Instead, he should rise above the chaos and elevate both himself and the Democratic Party. By demonstrating true leadership and unity, Biden can show the country the stark contrast between prioritizing national interests and self-serving motives.

In conclusion, the key for President Biden and the Democratic Party is to consider what their opponents want them to do and take the opposite approach. By focusing on the country’s well-being and uniting against divisive tactics, they can effectively counter Trump’s strategies and lead with integrity and purpose.