The best water in the world is born in Spain, specifically, in the Font d’En Segures spring, located in the province of Castellón. This has been decided by the Monde Selection International Quality Institute when awarding the company Agua de Benassal the title “Grand Gold Quality Award”.

The trajectory of the Valencian company is more than enviable. It has been obtaining the highest score in different international competitions for more than thirteen years, which has led it to be considered “the best water in the world”.

As detailed by the company from Castellón, “its unique chemical composition and flavor” have been certified with the highest degree of quality worldwide by the jury of this edition of the Monde Selection of 2022, made up of a group of eighty professionals from associations such as the Culinary Academy of France, Euro-toques, the Master Chefs of Belgium, the International Organization of Vine and Wine (O.I.V), the Jurés-Experts Piqueurs Brokers, among others.

The directors of the event, Louis Poot Baudier and Dimitri Delloye, told the Benassal company that “this great achievement is a guarantee that their product has met the standards required by our experts to be considered of the highest quality.” To do this, a precise methodology has been followed with specific parameters such as the visual aspect, the smell, the purity, the harmony, the flavor or the design of the container and the label.

Since the 18th century, the spectacular qualities of the water that springs from the Castellón spring have been popular. In 1928, it was declared as mineral-medicinal water and of public utility, becoming the ideal product for a large number of doctors such as Doctor Puigvert, who indicated it for kidney conditions.

This water comes from a pure spring that slides through the mountains of the Castellón region of Alt Maestrat. It comes from the precipitation of rainwater and snow on a natural area located at an altitude of 900 meters and its filtering process is carried out through different deposits on substrates through which the flow of water passes slowly and steadily.

A company that has always been present in the food sector of the Valencian Community and that in recent decades has established itself as a ‘gourmet product’ in restaurant and hotel establishments. In fact, years ago, an international expansion to countries such as the United Arab Emirates, China and Panama began.

According to the analyzes offered by the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Benassal water is oligometallic and weakly mined, whose main components are bicarbonate, calcium and a low sodium content. Thus, they define it as “ideal for achieving healthy hydration, not increasing blood pressure, protecting against kidney and cardiovascular problems and capable of generating positive digestive and diuretic effects.”