This year the Valencians will be in charge of choosing the “Best Burger in Spain” in the 3rd edition of The Champions Burger gastronomic festival, which will be held from June 2 to 5 and from June 9 to 12 at the Ciutat de Valencia stadium. It is the first event of its kind to be held on the grass of a football stadium.

Valencia will host this event for the third year with the most surprising and innovative proposals for a dish that has more and more followers in the city, due not only to the proliferation of restaurants, some classified in the main national rankings, but also because of the modernization of the product in variety and quality.

The Champions Burger 2022 will bring together the twenty best hamburger restaurants in all of Spain, selected from a total of more than one hundred proposals, according to Joe Burgerchallenge, an expert influencer who is passionate about quality burgers.

Each hamburger restaurant, mounted on a food truck, will offer a menu with delicious and original proposals, among which will be the hamburger that will present The Champions Burger. And all in the same venue, the Ciutat de Valencia stadium. The result will be decided on Saturday, June 11 at 8:00 p.m.

From 12 noon to 12 midnight, attendees will be able to taste up to 75 types of gourmet hamburgers, from the most classic, to the most innovative, creative, avant-garde and signature, all with the best certified selected meats, breads artisans and fresh products of first quality.

In this third edition, following the festival format, the public will be able to buy a bracelet worth 5 euros that includes two drinks or buy one worth 12.50 euros, which includes the contest burger and a drink, and recharge it each whenever they want to consume a product at the stalls set up for it. To avoid queues, you can buy in advance at

The winner of the contest of the second edition in 2019, the Platero Utopic Food restaurant, will try to win the title again against 19 other participants.

The 20 participants in this edition are: Goiko, The Fitzgerald, Lamburgesa, El Tarantín Chiflado, Berty’s, Platero Utopic Food, Burger Beer, Soul Coffee Beer, Jenkin’s, La Muralla, FBI, Rancho Santa África, Itxas Bide, HDH, Raff’s, Burger Film, Vacarnal, Tepuy Burger, Toro Burger and N5 by El Garage Foodie.

You can also taste the burgers of the influencer Joe Burger, although these will not participate in the championship.

The voting system is very simple; the user will only have to taste the hamburger, scan the QR code of the bracelet they are given and rate it. The average of all the individual evaluations made by each consumer, based on aspects such as bread, meat and the combination of ingredients, will be the winner of The Champions Burger 2022.

The Champions Burger has become the reference event for this restaurant sector, after the success achieved in the 2018 and 2019 editions, also held in Valencia, with more than 150,000 visitors. A unique and incomparable event that fuses fire, meat and embers with the best music and good atmosphere.

The championship that challenges attendees to find out how many hamburgers they can eat in thirty minutes is also back. A contest only suitable for those who dream of eating all the burgers they want in a limited time. The winner will receive their weight in beer as a prize.